Our sponsored tri-athlete - Martin Cain

Using your insoles I could feel the difference immediately and left me with no pain at all afterwards, so thanks for your help.

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Healthy Step have now developed a range of innovative footbeds and products for the UK outdoor market. These products are designed by Podiatrists to benefit all users. A better functioning foot gives better performance, less fatigue and therefore more comfort.

The best way to think of this is to imagine driving over a hump back bridge in your car. Your foot is the car and the footbed is the bridge.
If you were driving your car you would slow down before the bridge, cruise over it and then accelerate to resume your previous speed - keeping you and your passengers in the seats.

Now for the footbed - your foot hits the ground at heel strike, the footbed gently decelerates the foot as it passes over the mid-foot saddle to control pronation, and then helps to accelerate the foot to propel you forward for your next stride!