Our sponsored tri-athlete - Martin Cain

Using your insoles I could feel the difference immediately and left me with no pain at all afterwards, so thanks for your help.

You Have Two Doctors: Your Right Foot and Your Left!

You can take control of your health both now and in the future.

It may amaze you to learn that by brisk walking you can transform your life.

Brisk Walking is the most natural form of exercise available. Walking has been described by researchers in the field of sport and fitness as "the nearest activity to perfect exercise".

It seems far too simple to think that such a basic skill as walking, something most of us do without a second thought, can be so significant, but as you begin to learn how walking

helps to improve many areas of our lives you will realize that it is true. Walking may be a simple activity, but the results for your health and happiness are far-reaching.

Walking is the way we were designed to travel. For thousands of years humans have been long distance walkers. Our anatomy and physiology cope best when used regularly this way. Modern western civilization is taking its toll on our bodies with rising obesity, diabetes and heart disease, as well as increasing numbers of people suffering depression.

You can help yourself!

As you walk you will feel better, mentally and physically. You will feel more alive, better nthan normal, more in control of your life. A walk of 20 minutes or more a day almost always improves the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. And as a bonus you have more energy to enjoy the rest of the day!

Walking enhances your self-esteem, helps you to tap into the right brain for increased creativity, and gives you a boost of energy to mind and body. It helps you develop a good attitude and helps you to be more productive at work or leisure.

The hardest steps are out of the front door

But just try it and see how you feel? You will be enjoying the sense of satisfaction of doing something you have been wanting to do for awhile, getting in control of your health.

Runright Stepfree Clinic is here to help you enjoy walking painfree.

We are joining together with Natural England and the British Heart Foundation to Sponsor 'Walks For Health' in the Helston area. Theses 'Walks For Health' will be led by

trained staff who will gently guide you in your goal of getting back to regular physical activity. There will be no cost to those who participate, it is completely free to attend.

Please phone 01326 565 565 for more information and a helpful advice sheet or drop in to the clinic between 10am and 5pm Tuesday through Friday.

We are located right next to 'Outback Trading' in Helston which probably has the largest range of 'fitness walking' shoes and boots in Cornwall.

If you are not participating in frequent exercise already then always start slowly to avoid injury! Please check with your GP first if you have a pre-existing condition or are over 40 years of age.

Ninth in a series of News Editorials on the 'Benefits of Walking'.

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